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Geschichte und Broschüren verschiedene Kinderwagen Marken.





In 1846 Ernst Albert Naether took over the horse cart factory of his father, Gotthelf Naether, in 2 Judengasse, and started also with the production of "chairwagens" for children. 1850 is the first mention of the fact that he has built a pram. From 1876 the company was led by his sons Albin and Richard. From 1908 the production was e in a new factory in the Badstubenvorstadt. In 1910 the company was transformed into a limited liability company. The firm A.E. Naether has existed


Naether was expropriated in 1946 and then was merged with other companies to Zekiwa ( ZEitser KInderWAgen industrie).
At the time of the DDR, Zekiwa was the largest stroller factory of Europe and they had 2200 people in service. Produced especially for the Eastern bloc but also, for example, Neckermann took prams. In 1995, the company was again privatised. In 2006, production was shifted to the far East and moved the rest of the company to Döschwitz.

Judenstraße 2
Judenstraße 2
Ruins of the Zekiwa factory 2010
Ruins of the Zekiwa factory 2010
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Meanwhile it is demolished as well.