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Geschichte und Broschüren verschiedene Kinderwagen Marken.

Van Werven



Pram factory, founded in 1923 in Meppel by Marinus van Werven.
His father had a forge on the Groenmarkt. Three sons focussed on the manufacturing of bicycles, the fourth tried it with prams. He started in an old warehouse in the Grote Kerkstraat, later the company was moved to the Groenmarkt. After a few years was a new building built in the area the Kraton, Kraton Street 44. The factory prospered in the 1930s. At that time there were about forty employees.

Royal family

The good name of Van Wervens prams was also penetrated the Soestdijk Palace where Queen Juliana lived, because twice, at the birth of Beatrix and Marijke, she bought a pram of this company.

After the war

After hard times during the war times changed and in 1948 already 35 people had a job at Van Werven again. In 1957 the second son of Marinus van Werven, W.H.van Werven, became director. In that same year a major rebuilding and modernizing of the factory took place and 60 employees had a job.


By the fierce competition from Eastern bloc countries and changing habits, reduced the demand for Van Wervens prams both at home and abroad. In the 1960s the company decreased regularly, to dissolve finally.

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Catalogue 1953

Advert in the Bilthovense Courant 31-12-1937

Factory 1938
Van Werven pramfactory 1938

Sewing Room 1963
Sewing Room 1963

Van Werven pramfactory 1970
Van Werven pramfactory 1971

Van Werven pramfactory 1970
Van Werven pramfactory 1971