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Silver Cross



Silver Cross first began designing transport for babies back in 1877. It all began when engineer and inventor William Wilson combined his ideas for an innovative spring suspension system with a handy reversible hood, and invented the modern pram. It was truly revolutionary, and was duly patented followed by over 30 more design patents filed in his prolific lifetime.

Royal approval in the 1900s ensured a special place for Silver Cross in the nation´s heart. Since the very first Silver Cross pram, every new idea, every smart design, every improvement in manufacturing, every single change has been a response to the changing needs of parents, babies and children.
In 1897 William opened a purpose built factory in White House Street - which unfortunately burnt down!
Undeterred, William decided to build a much bigger one and called it the "Silver Cross Works".

By the time of his death in 1913 William had registered over 30 patents relating to pram design. He passed the ownership of our company on to his 3 sons; James, Irwin and Alfred.

In the 1920s Silver Cross was crowned the No.1 manufacturer of baby carriages for Royals when the Wilson brothers supplied a Silver Cross baby carriage to George VI and Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. By 1936 we had grown so much that the company needed to relocate to an old silk factory in Guiseley (where we remained until 2002).

We have several Silver Cross prams ourselves.

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