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The pram factory Riemersma was founded by Albert Riemersma in 1936. Later, Sjouke Riemersma became the Director.
On april 21, 1961 Queen Juliana has visited in the pram factory.
Princess Beatrix chose for the birth of Willem-Alexander for a green Riemersma pram. A pretty shallow body of leather with a collapsible hood, at a high frame with four equal wheels. Princess Beatrix herself chose the color, green.

Sjouke Riemersma:
To the companies that offer something to Willem-Alexander it was at first an honor, and only then an advertising stunt. Today that would no longer work. I have never seen the pram again on photos or images. That was a little disappointing, I remember: we had secretly hoped for pretty pictures of Beatrix behind the Riemersma: cosy walking with the Prince.

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Catalogue of Riemersma

25 jaar Riemersma
Jubilee edition, 25 years Riemersma 1961

werkplaats Riemersma
Workshop of Riemersma to the Groningerstraat approx. 1950

koningin Juliana bij Riemersma

koningin Juliana bij Riemersma
Queen Juliana visited the Riemersmaworks 1961.

Stand Riemersma 1967
Trade fair stand Utrecht of Riemersma 1967.