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The little showroom.

Dolls prams.

English shapes

Dolls prams in English shapes, with uneven wheels, are hard to find. The dolls prams we have found we will try make to look the same as the fullsize prams. However, the dolls prams with even wheels as shown will be restored by us as well for they are special.

Original of to pimp

The way of using the dolls pram does effect the way of restoration too.
Dolls prams intended to be used to display dolls, we will restore as much as possible to original state.
Dolls prams to be used for children to play with we are willing to pimp. For example by using fresh bright colours or using a theme like ladybugs. Thus we have made two identical dolls prams (P 10-010) to a twins, the only difference between the prams is the initials. An other dolls pram we´ve just given vintage looks (P 10-012).

The dolls prams, our collection

Below you find the photos of the dolls prams we have or have had. Just click on the text to find out more. Of most prams we know the brand. Unfortunally we do not kow of alle prams the name and year of manufacture. If you know more about the prams, don´t hesitate to contact us. We are trying to be as complete as possible.
For making it easier to refer we have numbered the prams.

To enlarge a photo, click it,
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To find more information about the pram: click the text.

Prices named are after restoration
excl. post and packaging!
Most prams do need to be restored
so can be made as request.