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Geschichte und Broschüren verschiedene Kinderwagen Marken.

Informationen über die Teilen die wir liefern können.

The storage

Information about the parts we supply

New and used parts

We have several parts, new and used (original). Like straps, pushbar covers, rubber parts, fenders, hubs, wheels, springs, knobs and more. Our stock is highly variable that´s why we do not keep our current stock online. If you need something, just send an email, preferably with photo of the old part or similar part, so we can see if we can deliver or offer you a substitute.

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We supply straps, only saddle leather, in several sizes and colours. The most used colours are natural, white and black but other colours we can also supply. At your request always put in: width, lenght aswel as where the straps are to be used for. We also prefer to receive a photo of the old strap and the mounting spots.

Pushbar cover

It happens, particularly white, the cover of the pushbar will tarnish. To make a pram look well again we can deliver a new cover for the pushbar. Most used colours are white and black, other colours however can be provided too. The photo shows an old tarnished pushbar on which we shoved the new covers (white and black) to make the difference in colour visible. Eventually the cover will adjust the pushbar.

Rubber parts

Originel rubber parts are not longer available. Sadly we can not provide break rubbers (yet?).

Various metal parts

We do have various, sometimes even original, metal parts. Like hoodarms, wheels, wheelcovers, springs, bolts and nuts.