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Geschichte und Broschüren verschiedene Kinderwagen Marken.




Mutsaerts was founded in 1934.
Mutsaerts´ kinderwagenfabriek was situated at 31 Telegraafstraat, later 119 Groenstraat.
In 1983 Mutsaerts went bankrupt. The company was taken over by Mr. Cees Driessen a former employee.
Renamed as Mutsy the company still excists.

For about 55 years I stayed with an uncle in Tilburg. Once I explored the town and passed the pramfactory of Mutsaerts. Being only 11 years of age, I asked if I could see the factory and had a tour with personal guide. I became excited by the spoke wheels with the bearings, just new to the market at that time, and asked 4 of them to make a racing car. I had to ask the old mister Mutsaerts. He showed me his archives which showed his father and mine grandfather, both owner of a familybusiness of carriage makers, doing business.
Well, of course I became the wheels.
(Source: A.W.M. Teulings, 7 Maart 2006,

The Dollyflex (you can find at the images of the prams) is been designed by mr. Dominique Claessens of "DPG Claessens Bureau voor Product Ontwikkeling". The pram was introduced in 1961 and had a weight of only 15 kgs. Mutsaerts was licensed for the Benelux and Europe.

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Types fom the 1050s up.

Mutsaerts 1945
Complete staff of Mutsaerts pram factory.
(Tilburg, 1945)

After the fire September 21, 1950



Recording of Ricky & Slingertje in 2009 at the old Mutsaerts works.