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Geschichte und Broschüren verschiedene Kinderwagen Marken.




The company is founded July 2, 1934 by Mr. Hans Koelstra, former chief of the metaldepartment of Jonkers pram factory.
The logo H.K.G. (Hans Koelstra Gorredijk) is in 1949 replaced by "Koelstra" to the prams. His sons Gijsbert and Reitze did already join the board.
In the 1980s only three producing pramfactories were left in the Netherlands. As Koelstra took over Riemersma they only left toghether with Mutsaerts/Mutsy. The current stockholders are the sons of the founder Mr. G. Koelstra and Mr. R. Koelstra. The current board of directors is represented by the next generation, Mr. Reitze Koelstra jr. and Mr. Jan Arend Koelstra. Mr. Reitze jr. is the productionmanager and Mr. Jan Arend is the salesmanager. The production nowadays takes place in China, distribution is still in Gorredijk.
(Source: partly Marketingplan Koelstra B.V. 2004 by Anja Schippers)

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The Koelstra works in 1960

Logo 1960s