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Geschichte und Broschüren verschiedene Kinderwagen Marken.


´s Heerenberg


Ebbing is a Dutch manufacturer of dolls prams.
Our own dolls pram is made by Ebbing.
At first Aneb pram-works was suited in a building of former school in Lengel. The founders were Mr. Angenent and Mr. Ebbing. After 13 years Mr. Angenent left the firm. Afterwards the name Aneb changed to Ebbing.
In the 1960s the company came in hands of Mr. Otto Hageman who produced prams in his own name.

Divine service

Gerrit Assink was chaplain in Zutphen before he came to ´s Heerenberg in 1966. Before the Emmaus-church was built he gave his services in the storage of the pram-works of Ebbing.
A major part of the factory is destroyed by fire in 1966.

Ebbing is been subscribed at the Dutch Chamber of commerce from 1946 up to 1971

Ebbing pram
Rare pram of Ebbing