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Geschichte und Broschüren verschiedene Kinderwagen Marken.




Although Caja was no brand of pramproducers, they should be named here in our opinion. Caja was preffered supplier of many pram-brands in the Netherlands as well abroad like Koelstra and Silver Cross.


Caja kinderwagenwielenfabriek was located at 960 Bosschedijk, Eindhoven.
Caja was founded by two brothers, CArel en JAn Bullens.
The company supplied 167 different types of wheels to various markets (countries). They didn´t supply only wheels but also other parts like hood arms.


The flourish company was for creating employment in the south of Limburg moved to 25 Steenstraat, Kerkrade. At this time the coal mines were closed down (Willem-Sophia mine in about 1970) and many miners were looking for a job. At first it was social works, later it became a company again and has been taken over by the VDL-Group. CEO was Mr. René Bodewitz at the time. In 1981 Queen Beatrix visited Caja. The company produced approx. 3 million wheels a year. Of 2004 the brandname Caja is in the hands of a French/Polish company.
In 2004 the buildings were demolished. (Sources:,,,