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Geschichte und Broschüren verschiedene Kinderwagen Marken.


´s Heerenberg


Aneb was a Dutch manufacturer of dolls prams.
Mr. J.H.B. Angenent started in 1935, as he was unemployed, a forge at ´s Heerenberg. After 8 years he expanded his business.
Immedeately after the liberation of Holland, he added a shop next to his forge and, in cooperation with his business partner (Mr. Ebbing) he started to produce strollers, dolls prams and fullsize prams. They named the company Aneb (contraction of the first letters of their names).
After thirteen years he stepped of the pramfactury.

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The pictures below we have taken of Ebay, we thought they´re to special not to show here. If the owner complains of course we will remove them immediately.

Rear postcard

front postcard